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DIY Blanket Ladder

Finally, my first post of the new year! I know, I know, I'm only a couple weeks late! Tonight's post is dedicated to my latest DIY project...drumroll.....a Blanket Ladder! I know some of you think it sounds silly, and as silly as it sounds, I do in fact love it. I got three new throws as Christmas gifts and needed a cute way for displaying when I'm not bundled up in them! Here is a little tutorial on my blanket ladder garnished with cozy knits.

What you'll need to make a 5ft ladder:

2x4's. I got mine from lowes at $3 something each. I had them cut down 2 2x4's at 8ft tall down to 5ft tall.

Four 14 inch rungs (to hang your blankies on)

Wooden screws. I used 3 inch wood screws and drilled in 2 screws in each side of each rung. Total of 16.

Stain. I chose an interior stain in "Espresso".

First we sanded down all the wood. When you don't have a power sander, and sand all by hand, expect your arms to be a tad sore the next morning. Sophie and I thought our arms were going to fall off during this process! After all the sanding and a few splinters later, we were done and ready to measure!

I will admit that we didn't do a whole lot of measuring. However, we did measure about 11 inches in between each rung.

Thankfully, her little brother was very drill savvy, unlike us and came to the rescue when we were ready to drill. We had each rung drilled in at a slant so that the blankets would hang nicely.

The last step is staining, or painting. Whatever you like best! I like how we stained ours because you can still see the grain of the wood through the color.I think our ladders came out nice for our first time around. What do you think?

Until next time


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