• Kait Kash

Dalmatian Spots

Hello :)

I am going to get right to it, and admit that I have indeed hopped on the dalmatian spot bandwagon. I mean, how could I NOT?! As much as I am not a huge fan of animal prints, I am in fact a huge lover of this print. The color palette can match anything, and dalmatian spots just feel very feminine. I'm super into it.

In my opinion, it's best in small doses, i.e., throw pillows, fabric that you frame for decor, lamp shade, or even some removable wall paper from Chasing Paper. Add this print in a smaller area so it's not extremely overwhelming.

I was scrolling through GroopDealz and found an awesome deal for two pillow covers from a vendor called Little Peeps Home Decor. Check them out, they had over 62 styles to choose from for a great price! Mine came quickly and because I already had pillows to cover, I just slipped them right on and I felt like I had new pillows! The great thing about living on my own, I decorate how I want to with everything that is so me. Pillows seem like they wouldn't make that huge of a difference, but new textures and patterns can change up a room! Especially if a room needs a little love and pizzaz, throw pillows are perfect for that.

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