• Kait Kash

My First Letterboard

Drumroll please.....I finally have my very own Letterboard! If you have absolutely no clue as to what I am speaking it! Instagram it! Go check it out! When you see one, you'll think to yourself, "a retro menu board?" Affirmative. You thought right, and just how awesome are they?! I've only had my eye on them for eons and a sweet special someone aka my boyfriend surprised me and let me emphasize on SURPRISE. It was in fact a huge surprise that I couldn't believe! He was just holding it and I was like a giddy little school girl blushing, I'm sure. At last, my very own letterboard! Now, I don't have to stalk Letterfolk's Instagram page drooling over all their awesome boards. Because I did. Daily. Travis is definitely a good egg.

So then you have all these overflowing ideas in your noggin, like "what will it say?!", "where will I hang this new beauty?!" Yes, it's quite a lot to process but oh is it so much fun! The tips of my thumbs are actually sore today from playing around with it and spelling all sorts of favorite quotes. I steered clear of the typical "All you need is love", you know, the ones you expect. Though, I do love me some Beatles quotes. After lots and lots of arranging and rearranging of where to put it and lots of words later, I think I've got a spot for it and I'm totally loving it! I love these letterboards because they offer different sizes and colors and framing. You can seriously do anything with them. Baby announcements, photography props, a real menu, decor, you name it. Maybe even a to-do list? This thing is the whole package. Not to mention you get SO many letters, right when I think I won't have enough, there's a bunch more just waiting to be used. Also, Letterfolk delivers a darn beautiful presentation when it comes to you. Plus, it's a small business :) My sweet friend Traci helped me hang some shelves a month ago so I could finally hang up some frames and artsy things. Those shelves would still be sitting on my floor if it wasn't for her and her drill.

I just can't get enough of this letterboard. Just look at it. Ahh. Sigh. Happy sigh.

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