• Kait Kash

Kitchen Table In Progress

Happy Father's Day, everyone! Today, this post is solely a shoutout to my dad for so many reasons. I truly know that I am the girl I am today because of him. I have a creative side thanks to my dad. For Christmas, my parents got me new dining chairs...eames dining chairs! Between my mom and dad, I now have a set of 4 eames dining chairs, that match!! Now that is something :) I am in midcentury heaven:) I also have gotten a set of hairpin legs from hairpin legs Columbus. They are amazing! Sleek, iron, raw steel. You can't go wrong. Plus, they can be timeless and last me for years and years! We scored a butchers block (piece of wood) from ikea, called GERTON. It is such a sturdy, and heavy piece of wood and looks beautiful. It would look good stained or as is with a coat of polyurethane. We are staining this block of wood.

I am just excited to be making this table with my dad. It is something I will always remember making with him and I will forever enjoy this table and knowing I made it with my dad. He is a creative being and just awesome. I love him for that and so many other things. I can't wait to share the final product of my kitchen table in progress :)


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