• Kait Kash

Mid-century Inspired Plant Stand

Mid-century modern is a thing again, and is a pretty popular thing in the decor world. I am all over it. Something about sleek, straight lines that look simple but give such a clean look has me all googly-eyed to say the least!

I've been eyeing mid-century plant stands for a little while. However, none of them were for a girl on a budget. A few weeks ago, Target once again saved the day! I was just browsing the clearance section when all of a sudden... Bam! There was this little gem, just staring at me, the perfect mid-century looking plant stand! It was on sale?!? Oh, it was meant to be!! 50% off the regular price, AND having a birthday gift card was a score!! Happy birthday to me :)

I decided to keep the retro flow going, and opted for a snake plant. The straight leaves in a straight legged planter just makes me happy. Another thing that makes me happy about this snake plant, is that it can do well in low light! You can also ignore it for a little while and it will love you for it! Low maintenance plants are my style. We will see how giving this plant a chance goes.

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