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DIY Spool Clock

Here we go! I'm so excited to finally share my clock I made out of a wooden spool! Spool clocks are huge in the DIY world. Most of them are very rustic. If you know me, you will know that I am quite the opposite of rustic, really not even close to a rustic gal at all. But, I'm totally into this DIY and gave it my own spin without distressing.

Everyone that does give this clock a rustic feel, it looks great! Just not my style. Anywho, if you're looking to do this, the supply list is short. Not to mention cheap! We all like cheap, I know that for certain.


1.) patience. You'll need lots of patience. This was my first one, so it took a lot of consideration and carefulness.

2.) wooden spool. Scored this for free at lowes! Squee!

3.) paint. I used chalk paint.

4.) permanent marker and black paint pen for the numbers.

5.) stencils. I used the brand show-offs from HL.

6.) protractor! Yep, go ahead and dig out your middle school supplies.

7.) soft wax. (I used Annie Sloan)

8.) a boyfriend or husband to help you. Kidding. Or am I? :)

9.) sand paper. Optional.

So... To start this project you need to sand it down, at least for mine. Paint a coat or two of whatever color paint, I chose 2 coats. Take your first number either 12,3,9 or 6 and start measuring your other numbers from there. I measured out all the numbers and dash's 30 degrees away from each other. That was the annoying part. This is when my boyfriend came in handy :) after all that was done, I traced my stencils onto the clock then filled in with my paint pen. Whew! It was a process but so worth it. It's not perfect by any means but isn't that the point?!

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