• Kait Kash

DIY Kitchen Table

After 8 months, my DIY kitchen table is complete! I know you're probably wondering why did it take THAT long?!? I'm wondering that too, but in all honesty, it was a long process and life can get busy! One of my favorite details about this table?! The HAIRPIN legs!! I'll say it again, but something about straight lines on furniture is so simple and I'm totally digging it. I wanted to make a kitchen table instead of buying one so I could have something that would look timeless and not go out of style in a few years. In my opinion, this has a timeless look about it. I even chose some knock off Eames style chairs that were affordable compared to real Eames chairs! This girl in on a budget!

The wood top is from IKEA. Initially, I believe it was about 60 inches wide. My dad had it trimmed down to about 47' wide. It's perfect! It came as raw wood, however, I chose to stain it. My gramps and I stained this a dark walnut adding a couple coats of polyurethane. Between each coat, we sanded it with steel wool. This wood table top is extremely dense, IKEA for the win once again! I love how the different blocks of wood in this table top are all different shades. The dark walnut really brings out those darker and lighter blocks! The four hairpin legs are screwed in and purchased from hairpinlegs_cbus!

I am super thankful for my dad and grandpa for helping me with this latest project! It will always make me think of them :) This table looks and fits great in my new apartment, now we just need dinner company!

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