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Entryway Love

Entryways: the place in a home/apartment that your eyes are first to see. Also, a place where shoes, coats, and keys like to gather, typically in an unorganized way. (At least it used to be for me) Living in an apartment, you aren't always working with a TON of space, so, you have to utilize the small areas you have the best you can! Not to mention, I wanted to do this as cute as I could, too :) Living with my boyfrien, we have SO.MUCH.STUFF. So many shoes, little space to put them. So many jackets, not enough closet space. Keys, sunglasses, and no organization. Well, I wanted something functional that all of these items could be kept in the same area: The Entryway.

Thankfully, I found these shoe organizers that appear like a small entryway table at IKEA (go figure) for 24.99! So we purchased two of them! The best part....they each hold and hide 8 pairs of shoes! I can fit more into mine because flats and TOMS can stack up! Between the two of these we can hold 16-18 pairs of shoes! AND, they are out of sight! We put them together to make a bigger entryway table and I love how they look! The top serves as a ledge/table that has a gold bowl that holds his wallet, our keys, and even sunglasses! CUH-CHING! It's all neatly organized, with all things hidden! Next to it we have a coat rack with hooks because every entryway needs some coat hooks. It is so functional and is such a steal. You should probably go to IKEA this weekend to grab yours.

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