• Kait Kash

DIY Wine Rack

You may or may not be a wine drinker, but if you are, you could probably agree with me that you need a wine rack! Plus, doesn't it look cool to be able to display all your bottles?! Totally. I'm a wine girl, so naturally I wanted to give a wine gift as a present to my new aunt and my uncle for their wedding gift! They are pretty savvy in the wine department, so I thought this gift would suit them well. My boyfriend and I gave this rack a try and with his mighty strength, and my not-so-much strength, I think it turned out great! I think my favorite part about this wine rack are the hex bolts we used on each ledge to keep the bottles in place. It's kind of an industrial vibe. Of course, I also love that you can change up each ledge using chalk to write a new type. We stained it in a dark walnut. (my go to choice of stain)

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