• Kait Kash

Guest Room DIY

When I have about 90% of my apartment decorated, I have to find something to put somewhere. Obviously. So, why not make a typical guest room sign? I mean, everyone's doing it. Well, as cheesy as it is, I do like it, and it was fun to make. Mainly because I'm trying to experiment with my skillz. I'd say our guest room is pretty simple, but it needs a few more decor pieces to really feel completed. I'd say it has a "lived in feel" to it already with the mass amounts of dog hair on the bedspread. Penny doesn't seem to mind. Surprisingly, this room has gotten lots of use out of it since moving in, with our friends and siblings staying over....I kind of love to have a bed to offer someone instead of a couch or an air mattress. It's one of those proud adult moments of mine :)

This sign was easily made with some chalk paint, (of course) wood trim, and a black paint marker! I am all about those paint markers. Oh, and the handy help of my boyfriend. He's awesome.

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