• Kait Kash

Guest Room Goes Green

Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm blogging today to share tidbits of my guest room that I'm revamping. By revamping, I mean just adding some new accent pieces to give it some color. It was pretty much all white. I'm always a sucker for white though. There is a new nightstand that has been added- but I'll wait to share that when everything is done here soon. My guest room is going green! Bits and pieces of green and so far I'm loving it. Mostly because I am not a huge color fan but I'm digging the green accents because it's earthy and not too crazy. I'm into it. I have a three piece arrow set from homegoods that has that earthy-tone green in it, some books, and my most favorite green piece is my new triceratops Dino planter! It's totally quirky and a little bit odd and I fancy it. I stuck some faux succulents in it because my luck with real succulents is terrible. Faux is cool. For me, at least. I like the rope mirror over the dresser paired with the green accents so far.

I've been trying to keep the decor as neutral as I can in the guest room, you know, not my blush pink pillows and touches of gold. It's actually easier than I thought and can be liked by our lady guests and guy guests :)

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