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Shelfie Styling

Happy Friday, everyone! It's also such a beautiful Friday here in Columbus. Windows are open and I am loving it! Today I want to share some shelf styling. When Travis and I moved in together last summer, he had this big, bulky, manly looking entertainment center. I wasn't really feeling it. I wanted to, but I just wasn't sure of how this bachelor looking entertainment center was going to look with all of my "Kait" decor and furniture. However, I wanted to make it work because I wanted him to still be able to keep his stuff and I definitely didn't want to fork out money for a new one. He told me I could do whatever I wanted to with it so that gave me some excitement. I think everything I have on it currently fits us both well. It's not extremely feminine or manly.

The items I have on my shelves are:

-Books (and they are facing backwards, with their pages outward instead of the titles. Travis doesn't understand why I like them this way. Neither do I, but I like it.)

-Odd Bookends. I have some gold rams from target clearance section that were next to nothing. You don't even need bookends, you can just stack them next to each other like I did on the very bottom shelf.

-Art or pictures. My one picture is a sketch of Ohio.

- Plants or flowers. I have a faux succulent. This shelf doesn't get direct sunlight. Booooooo. It's fine, I'd probably kill it anyways.

- Odd figurines. I have a cement and gold acorn from Torch Lake. If you live in Columbus, or Cincy, Fleurish Home sells some that are just like it but pears, and apples. I also have the famous wooden man from IKEA that you can bend into different poses. I have a marble star figure and also a gold circle figure. Lots of figures. But I love them!

-Globe. I got a globe from Target marked down to $7 last summer (because I only buy decor there when it's marked down) it was plain black so I stenciled some coordinates of my favorite location...Torch Lake- surprise!

For now I like everything but I'm guilty of rearranging!

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