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Ever-Changing Coffee Table

The title of this post says it all. It's true, I feel like I'm constantly switching things up when it comes to my coffee table. Aside from collecting random things like cups, a nail file, even a random dog toy, (because we know coffee tables tend to be a magnet for these odds and ends) it's nice to have it styled when it's all cleaned up. Though, I have to be choosy what I put on it because I do have a very curious little 8 month old puppy who loves to get into just about anything and everything. We've come a long way though, for about the first 2 months having Penny, I couldn't keep any book on my coffee table because she would chew on the edges. Sigh. But thankfully we are past that... lots of apple bitter spray later. Anywho, she doesn't get anything except for remotes now. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. So because of my constant want to change things and rearrange, and having a puppy, I switch up my coffee table a lot. However, I tend to keep the same types of items.

Here are some items I feel work well for any coffee table:

- Interesting books. You know, coffee table books. Or, like Kramer in Seinfeld suggests, a coffee table book about coffee tables. He's so clever. My books are interior styling/decorating and of course, Two books about The Beatles.

-Coasters. Because who likes glass marks?! And let's be honest... some of us take our drinks to the living room to watch Modern Family, or Seinfeld and need a coaster!

-Figurines. Currently, I have gold sticks in the shape of a sphere. That's the best description I have for that. My second figure is a black dog balloon animal. Everyone always has to touch it when they come over to really believe me that it's not a real balloon. It's from Elm & Iron, a local store here in Columbus! So neat, go check them out.

-Tray. For holding all of your remotes, books, whatever it may be. For this post, I don't have my tray pictured, but that's because again, I change things up. A lot.

-A plant. I feel like I always say that. Real plants or faux plants go great just about anywhere. I don't have a real one as of now, because, Penny. But I did find these neat little ceramic faux cacti at IKEA that came in this set of three. I added some artificial sand to the glass bowl, so they wouldn't fall over.

-Candle sticks. I don't always put candle sticks on my coffee table but I like having two to add some height.

For now, that basically sums up my items I chose for my coffee table. The one I have is from IKEA and because we don't have a very big apartment, I think the glass top makes it appear to be a little more roomy and "airy".

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