• Kait Kash

Room Decor on a Budget

There's always something to decorate. Like things for the wall, or in this case, for these shelves. I don't really love these shelves... but they will work for the meantime. Prior to fixing up the guest room, these shelves had all bobbleheads consisting of Dayton Dragons and The Reds. They were up for about 7-8 months until I got my itch to change things up. There was no particular theme going on before. I liked the idea of pops of green, and realized the Dragons bobbleheads could be a part of the mix. They're green, they match, okay awesome. If you have IKEA shelves like these, that are picture ledge shelves, you know they are totally lacking in depth. Barely any shelf room. What does that leave a girl to do?! I have sooo many items but mainly chunkier items. They don't fit!!! So, I had to get creative on what could fit and match. Goodwill came in handy with having these midcentury like candle sticks in an assortment of sizes. So cheap and so good. The frame of the monstera leaves? That's wrapping paper from HomeGoods. A score for $2.99 in a frame I already had. We are saving up to move, so every penny counts. Of course, I had to throw my weaving into this setup as well.

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