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Holiday Gift Guide

I've learned my lesson around the holidays: don't procrastinate holiday shopping. Seriously just don't do it. You end up with gifts that aren't personal and gifts that the person probably won't love or have use for. Plus, who wants to scramble around last minute trying to get a gift? Added with the other stress of going to every different house on the holidays? Not me. Maybe I'm the only one that feels that way. Sigh. Regardless, I don't think it's ever too early to start getting your ducks in a row and checking those loved ones off on your holiday lists! Yeahhhh!

I've rounded up a few of my favorites from Vernacular Home that I feel would be great gifts that a handful of people would fancy! Vernacular Home started as a clothing store in the heart of Grandview, Ohio and now has a store right down the street from the original Vernacular selling unique goods for your home.

My 2017 Gift Guide:

  • "Merry Christmas" lumbar pillow. Tartan pattern during the holidays is just a must at my place. I'm not saying overload of Tartan, but touches here and there give such a classic Christmas feel. It feels a bit nostalgic to me too because my grandparents have had this pattern in Christmas accents for just about as long as I can remember. The odds of it going out of style for the season are low and who doesn't love a good accent throw pillow that they can bring back out every year?! Not to mention it's not your typical square shape. Lumbar for the win!

  • White ceramic planter/stand. If you haven't caught on yet, incorporating plants in your home to act as decor is a thing. A big thing. And everyone's doing it. I think it would make a great gift because you can keep an air plant, succulent, or even a faux plant non holiday months, and when Christmas season strikes you can put a Christmas tree in it! Below are pictures. Men and women both can have plants!

  • There Is Room For Everything bag. Because why NOT?! You know that ugly sweater party you're going to? Or Christmas shenanigans with your family? You can fit 4 bottles of wine in the bag. FOUR BOTTLES. If a bag that can hold that much isn't a great gift, then I'm not too sure what is. Then they receive the neat bag AND the wine. Lots of it. Or, why not gift a plant in this bag and use it as a planter/pot?! OR, gift it to yourself and get some smaller white birch logs and put them in a bundle and set it by your fireplace. INTO IT.

  • Cozy knit throw blanket. Okay this gift is awesome on so many different levels. This particular blanket from Vernacular is neutral so it would work in any color scheme. Because why be so matchy matchy? There's fringe at the ends which makes for lovely added texture. Can you say snuggle?! Even if you knew someone with a bunch of throw blankets, I can bet they wouldn't be mad they got another.

These would be my top choices for gifts. What are yours? If you live in Columbus, go look at everything they have, you won't be disappointed!

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