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Hygge Light Candles

If you're like me, you can't have enough candles. I'm talking a few for every room. I'm also a bit picky when it comes to scents, and when, just when I find a favorite, I get super sad when it gets down to the end of the wax. Scents are everything, and when I know a favorite is about to be all gone I'm just bummed. If you haven't heard of the popular term, "Hygge" (pronounced "hoo-gah") you will be hearing this Danish term taking over the states. It means a few different things, but mainly creating a cozy space that feels like joy to you. Lighting candles is a sure way to make my place feel super cozy. It wasn't until I discovered Hygge Light Candles, The Growing Candle, that I wasn't sad anymore. And you know why?! Because once you get to the end of the wax, you can reuse the ceramic jar to plant and try out your green thumb! Their labels come with seeds pressed into the labels! Once yours is done, get your soil, shred up the label and mix it into the soil. BAM! The labels have 11 different wildflowers embedded within them! So now, I get to be excited that I am getting another use out of the candle jar and I'll get pretty wildflowers to grow! They have such a solid product and I can't wait to get more! I got the Astrid in Lavender -- which Travis said is his new favorite. Say whattttt!? The second one is Oliver in Apple Cider. Just YUM. They are also based out of Toledo, Ohio so of course it's fun to support an Ohio small biz. You have to go see for yourselves! You can find them on Instagram at @hyggelightcandles - you won't be disappointed.

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