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Cbus Mattress Review

Sleep. It had been a LONG time since my husband and I got any kind of REM sleep. I'm talking months....and even before that - it was never enough. We really blame our old mattress. That thing was showing age in so many ways, squeaky, springs bent out of shape, worn down, all of the above. 

 I can't even remember how long I had my previous mattress, sometime when I was a teenager. Let's pretend I didn't mention that!

After my husband and I finally had enough of sleepless months, waking each other up during the night, we finally pulled the trigger and got down to business to begin the search! We were extremely hesitant though. We heard and read a lot of reviews that stated they bought a new mattress and only about a couple years later, the mattresses started going down hill and not living up to the promises big retailers promised. With so many negative reviews pretty much EVERYWHERE.... we were left feeling super worried to invest in such a pricey piece of furniture to and the bed not last as long as it should. I mean, I wasn't planning on having this bed for life (LOL) but I at least wanted to have it last a decent amount of years to come.

Travis texted me one day while I was at work and said that he found THE place. I remember asking him when I got home all the places he looked up and he saw a thread online where a lot of reviewers said to not buy from a big retailer and opt to purchase from a local mattress company. This way, you get the experience of buying local, but also great customer service that not all bigger stores can provide. 

We found Cbus Mattress located here in Columbus, Ohio! I am ALWAYS the more skeptical one out of the two of us. But once we saw how many reviews Ben had - 110 5 star reviews! Yes, you read that right, 110 perfect reviews. Everyone raved about how great Ben was, how personable, and easy going. We made the appointment that weekend - which was even better that we had the chance to make a private appointment! We purchased the bed and the ONLY bad part of it all was waiting for it to arrive! Right as we entered, Ben offered a beverage, water, sparkling water, or even a beer! We got to try out each type of bed - every single one was 10x better than the one we had!

Fast forward to 5 days later and Ben had it delivered, AND installed for us! We went with a charcoal gray platform bed/headboard along with a KING sized pillow-top mattress. Guys, a king sized bed was so foreign to me. It is so big compared to our queen we had and let me tell you it is GLORIOUS. All four of us, Travis and our two dogs sleep well every night and even get our REMs that are oh so important. It is mind-blowing how long we were missing out on a bed like this and of such great quality. I not only felt like I was picking out a great bed, but we also instantly felt like we could trust Ben's recommendations on which bed he thought would be suitable for us. Travis never knew the luxury of a pillow-top and i don't think he will turn back!

Ben is so generous that he is giving all of my followers a discount code to anyone local in Columbus of FREE delivery with a mattress purchase, and two free pillows! How good is that? All you need to do is mention PRETTYPENNYSTYLING when you visit!

Don't wait so long like we did - you need your beauty sleep!!

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