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Wedding Wall

Something I have been dreaming about post wedding is creating a gallerywall of some of the favorite shots from our big day! Okay, this did take me 5.5 months to finish.... but I have a worthy enough reason.

I planned out that I would ask for twelve picture frames for Christmas between my parents and grandparents. They were asking for lists in like early October, so this was a great chance to start planning it all out. I knew I wanted wood frames. I am not sure why wood, I have just always went with gold or white in the past so I think I was wanting to switch things up a bit. The hardest task was choosing which pictures to print AND not to mention how to arrange them all. Side note - they all had to be vertical as well to complete my "grid" look I was going for.

All it took was a little nudging and asking Travis to get our the level laser and stud finder so he could map my vision out. I cut out traces of the frames so he knew the basis of what I was going for. He did it all with some math and that handy level laser, only taking about an hour! I was impressed. Now, the frames from Target were NOT all exactly the same. There were a couple that might of been off a tiny bit in measurements but if you're not looking for the ones that are slightly bigger (and I mean slightly) you won't notice it!

I tried arranging the photos in a pattern where some were close-up and some were far away. I really wanted to incorporate a few black and white photos and I've seen grid gallerywalls where they stick to either black and white or color photos, but I went ahead and mixed it a little and placed 4 black and white photos in each 4 corners. I love how it turned out!

This is the landing right in front of our stairs in our townhouse. The wall was really bland and sort of needing something extra.... and you know how I feel about gallerywalls!

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