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Mitzi: Hudson Valley Lighting Review

It isn't often when I can make drastic changes to our rental town home that actually make a difference! People may think that painting, switching out flooring, etc., are ways that can REALLY make an impact, but I strongly think your lighting choice can have a LOT of say in a space. 

We have a 1200 square foot town home. Which is decent and I cannot complain.  Most of the square footage is downstairs with 3 spaces basically combined. Our kitchen, living room, and dining room are all within a couple of steps from each other. Because of our layout, I try my best to differentiate each area so it is obvious that each area has a purpose and separated from the other. My dining table is just a couple feet from our couch, so I wanted lighting that stood out. Now you may think if I live in a smaller space, don't go too big, but in this case I say go BIG! Make a statement where you can! 

 I had been looking for a show-stopping (is that corny? It is really how I thought! Ha!) light fixture that would be all that with a polished look. I have always loved the look of sputnik lighting, but truthfully.... nothing ever caught my eye enough to pull the trigger and go for it. 

I am so thankful to have discovered Mitzi: Hudson Valley Lighting! You guys.... I am telling you if you have not peeked at their selection, you are missing out! A lot of times, I see a fixture that I only half like, and they don't offer it in an aged brass finish....and if you know me even a little bit, you know I love gold, brass, aged brass, anything in that family! SO so many options offer multiple finishes so that you can match other pieces throughout your home. That is one of the first things I noticed about Mitzi. I came across the "Ashleigh" chandelier and it was silver in the photo but I was giddy to see they had an aged brass option! Hellooooooo beautiful! She is an absolute stunner and she comes with 10 globes with bulbs included! SCORE! I was nervous to unwrap the packaging when it arrived, and now I feel silly for ever thinking that because it was packaged 10/10 in absolute perfect condition! I feel like I need a party because it looks as if I have 10 balloons floating over the dining table!

I also chose to upgrade our 2 nightstands in our master bedroom. For this space, I went with Iris in aged brass (surprise!) and so glad that I did. I think table lamps and really all lamps have such a personality to them by their base and shade shape. I chose "Iris" because the shade and base were both slender, tall, and thin and honestly just stood out to me. I also chose this for function. Our nightstands aren't extremely large, so we can’t have too wide of a lamp so this option was perfect for the size. I am such a fan of the light gray, white, and aged brass combination with these table lamps! Plus, the bottom is like concrete, and I am all about mixing up finishes and textures, and with our nightstands being wood, its a great mix. They allow us to keep our clocks, and little extra decor without compromising space. I also wanted to play around and see how they looked on our dresser and they go so well on the dresser too! 

If you want to make a big change - go with lighting! Light fixtures can totally change up your space without having to paint or anything that may break a lease. OR, if you just want to add some kind of statement to a room! I will be a forever customer to Mitzi!

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