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Art To Frames Review

Ever since I can remember, from even a wee little kid, I’ve always loved to frame photos, art, memorabilia, you name it! It’s a way to hang on to special memories, occasions, loved ones, without keeping that memory in a box, and instead on your walls! When I came across Art To Frames, I couldn’t help but love the thought of the idea and the convenience their website + services offered!

From the start, their customer service is 10/10 and I feel like I had help all along the way. I was able to chose a few different frames that I feel really represent myself and my style so well and feels true to “us”. Sometimes when buying frames I make multiple trips to because I either don’t remember to size, or can’t figure out what the best look would be without having my art with me. That wasn’t the case with Art To Frames! I was able to view my art and photos in the frame on their website before adding the frames to my cart- the best feature ever! Which made me all the more confident that I was choosing the right frames.

The most simple way to upgrade any space is to add a frame and a new picture or art you love and your space can totally be transformed! The two areas I chose to “upgrade” needed some visual interest BAD! They were lacking character and that’s why I was so thrilled to work with Art To Frames to give my spaces a little more “oomph”! The first area I chose to get a frame for was our entryway. It was missing art, and needed a really cool frame that would stand out. Everything in the entry we have is pretty boring, so I knew I wanted something a tad extra fancy! Luckily, they had this gorgeous gold detaied frame that I couldn’t resist!

I am so glad I chose this frame to help add a gold element! The detailing is amazing and it’s a frame I consider ornate!

For the next space, we chose frames for our upstairs hallway. It’s tiny, narrow, and I didn’t want any chunky frames to add to the small feeling there already was. The best solution to wanting something modern AND that won’t take up a lot of space visually? These acrylic floating frames!

The clear acrylic gave it a modern feel that didn't look too bulky or heavy for this narrow hallway on our second floor, a double win for me! I just love the sleek feel it has and an added bonus? You can choose the color of hardware you want to crew into the wall! I have matte black and gold! You can't go wrong with any choice!!

All in all, the pricess that Art to Frames made for me was unbelieveably simple, fast, and stunning. Their customer service blew me away with how responsive and helpful they are! I cannot suggest this company any more!

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