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Gallery Wall Extension!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Happy weekend, everyone!

Today I am sharing my gallery wall and how I extended it! With the help of my friends from Art To Frames, I was able to complete this gallery wall of mine! I thought about this for months and finally did it!

I figured why stop with a corner gallery wall? I continued my frames over and above the french doors and onto the wall on the right side of the French doors and I am so pleased!

Art To Frames came through giving me just what I wanted to accomplish; an eclectic gallery wall with a mix of frames and finishes to hold my quirky art! Of course if you are more of a structured gallery lover, they can come through on that for you, too!

I completed this wall with 6 frames. The perfect mix of vintage style frames in gold and silver as well as a wooden, and the classic black and white.

My favorite? The black frame with a very personal piece of art / sketch inside. My grandmother was looking through pictures on my wedding day hours before the wedding. She just so happened to stumble upon a sketch that her father, my great grandfather drew for me when I was very little. It’s stretched word art that reads my full name and my date of birth. It’s sort of like a puzzle. You cannot read it straight on, you have to tilt the paper a certain way to read it l, which is why I love it so much. I could never find a frame that fit the dimensions because it was just a piece of paper he used In a size of 4.5 x 8. Thankfully, Art To Frames once again saved the day giving me a custom made frame and mat to showcase this piece perfectly!

Check out the finished product below!

Are you up for the gallery wall challenge?!

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