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Meaningful Art

I am guilty of hanging on to art, meaningful pieces that are important to me and thinking, "I will get around to framing that". Yeah, that doesn't actually happen. Most of the time, it is the whole getting up and going somewhere to buy the frame you are looking for that really gets me and keeps me from not getting in the car and venturing to find that frame to hang said piece of art.

Why keep waiting when you can showcase that unique piece no one else will have? Yeah, that's me. Until I met the lovely creators at Art To Frames! The thing about Art To Frames is, they just don't compare to Homegoods or Target. I can't go to Target and find any frame that is not a standard size offered EVERYWHERE. I have pieces that are wonky sizes, so I need frames and mats that fit those wonky framing needs! You know, that really amazing art you find at a thrift store that deserves a gorgeous blue mat and not just any old white mat? Art To Frames has you covered in the mat department too! In unique sizing!

My husband and I were lucky enough to inherit one of his family member's 3 sketches that was sketched years and years ago. When I first saw the set of 3, I loved the style. Very whimsical, very not perfect, but perfect in everyway in which we loved. It had character and were 3 sketches of 3 places that were surprisingly special to us. I think this was the Universe's way of keeping her close to us since she recently passed. When I saw the set, I knew I had to get very special frames for her art so we could showcase them in our home. They are 3 well-known Dayton, Ohio landmarks. One sketch is the Dayton Art Institute, where my husband and I had our engagement photos taken. The other is a park where we've visited countless times to enjoy Christmas lights with our families and other times through-out the year.

In a nutshell, these sketches don't deserve just any frame from a big box store. They are heirlooms that deserve a frame that has equal amounts of character to help these pieces of art standout and be conversation-starters when we have company gathered in our living room! Pictured below, this frame but in silver, making each sketch stand out!

Family heirlooms are not the only thing meaningful to me that I have framed. In the winter, I found a Murphy's Law embroidered phrase that had to come home with me! The stitch was in an ugly old frame that had seen better days! It needed a brighter, fresh frame to balance the very vintage feel of the finished stitch. Once again, Art To Frames saved the day with their beautiful white satin frame AND they even had the perfect mat option, in delft blue to match the color of blue in the embroidery perfectly! The clean white frame made all the difference on an older piece!

Let Art To Frames do the framing work for you! Their expertise is top notch and they have ALWAYS delivered a 10/10 experience for me! Get that custom look you've been wanting to make your meaningful art pop!

Frame below in Palm Green Barnwood with baby blue mat:

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