Budget Backsplash

July 12, 2018


If you are a renter like me, or you don't want to fork over the big bucks just yet for REAL backsplash, you have landed yourself in the right spot. Our town-house kitchen is the farthest thing from "trendy", and just straight-up bland. The only thing we might have going for us on the excitement scale is our box of coco rice crispy cereal. And, it's the generic version, so maybe that doesn't even count.


I needed SOMETHING, anything to spruce up the ole kitchen area in here. Something that wouldn't risk our security deposit at the end of our lease, AND our current budget. So, I googled, and searched, and found pretty top notch reviews for Devine Color Textured Wallpaper   sold at Target! Just hit-up Target for your weekly needs like toilet paper, paper towels, etc., and accidentally pick up this roll of removable wallpaper for $34.99. (We all come out of Target with what we went in for plus everything we didn't!) It's such an easy way to revamp those sad walls when you're not sure about committing to the real deal!




One thing that gives this product a few extra brownie points is that it is TEXTURED! So even as fake as it is, the little bit of texture in the grout lines gives it an appearance that is slightly believeable. From far away. I knew it wouldn't look real, that wasn't the point. The point was to appear as backsplash, and to add some "oomph". I think we got just that! 


What you'll need:

-Grab your patience. You'll need lots of it. 

-Roll of removable wallpaper. It only took us 1 roll.

-Credit card for smoothing air bubbles. We used an empty Starbucks card. Go figure. We actually didn't have a lot of air bubbles. Apply from

The top down and/or pressing on the middle and work your way to the side edges. 

-Scissors/Exacto knife

-Measuring tape.


We cut as we go. I read a lot of people

used Windex and first sprayed the section they had a cut-out piece for, then applied the wallpaper so that the wallpaper would move around easily, but I was nervous about it adhering properly. We chose to wing it with this. And you guys, this stuff has a LOT of give, it's very forgiving! But the patience is key. It's frustrating lining up, stepping back, etc., but worth it! Rental kitchens can be revamped! Now, this space is a little more trendy, and is in a close tie on the excitement scale up against the coco rice crispy cereal! 


What do you think? Have you been brave enough to test out any removable wallpaper?




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